WASPCLEAR is an eco-friendly and organic method to keep wasps away from an area. Enjoy your food, cake or ice cream without wasp attack.

Clear you area from wasps to join your food, cake or icecream.

Austria/Tyrol – last summer entrepreneur Thomas Fleißner from polling in Tirol had made an unpleasant experience with wasps. His family, including three children, were stung by wasps within one minute.

So the entrepreneur began studied intensively with the topic. He researched products on the market and also found a few “home remedies”. Fleißner was not satisfied with the results achieved and the impact on the environment.

After countless experiments, he developed himself the most effective recipe for him, “Waspclear” was invented. These, made from non-toxic ingredients existing stick, you can just burn like an incense. This pleasant smelling smoke produces a smell deterrent for wasps. So the unwelcome creatures are kept away from a place, without harmed or even killed.

In this area now you can undisturbed be together at lunch, cake buffet, eating ice cream, sitting in the beer garden or at the bakery. Now, the Austrian is looking for support to bring waspclear to life. Everyone can support this project on the Crowdfunding platform kickstarter.com

How it works?

Everyone who tried to keep away wasps from an area, realize that this is not so easy.
On the internet you will find many ways they might work.

  • lemon with cloves
  • cooper coins
  • paper nest dummy
  • burning coffee

Some of the methods, even KILLING wasps. Thats no option, because wasps are quite useful!
Sometimes it is like religion. Some believe in this, some believe in that.

Last year I tried intensive to find a right reception to keep the wasps away. For me I found the right solution.

How to use?

For me it was important to create a user friendly product. Also it should not be dangerous. So the result was a stick you can burn down.

How long one WASPCLEAR Stick it acts?

My favourite time is about half an hour. In this time you can eat relaxed your steak and cakes.

If this time is to short- no problem. Use another stick.

For those who need a longtimestick. I am thinking about a stick that will works for two hour. Working on this.
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Thomas Fleißner     Innsbruck, Austria
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Since 2005 Thomas Fleißner is entrepreneur in IT Management and Software Development.
He already had successfully implemented several software projects. 2010 a project was awarded.
For one year I am working to realize waspclear.