WACH: EasyPower

WACH is an innovative pager system which, besides serving as a normal guest pager, will also charge your mobile device.

Don’t worry about draining your smartphone or tablet’s battery while waiting for a nice meal at your favorite restaurant! WACH will charge your device and serve as a restaurant pager at the same time. You can even take it to your table with you to fully charge your device as you eat.

WACH WorkingWACH Working

The idea was born in a Master’s level innovation class, when we were requested to think about a pain frequently experienced by people. Through a rigorous design process, we chose to work on a product that will address a problem we had heard many of our friends complaining about. “My cell phone ran low on battery life. I went to a restaurant, but was afraid to use my phone while waiting for my table because my battery was low. Then, when I got a table, there were no available electrical outlets to charge my phone.” So we came up with this amazing idea.

  • Popular restaurants where costumers frequently need to wait to be seated or be served
  • Anyone concerned about their battery’s charge while dining
  • Anywhere traditional paging units are used including waiting rooms, casinos, hotels, and more!


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InnovaWach     Royal Oak, MI
Eduardo and Jose, co-founders of InnovaWACH, are graduate students at the University of Detroit Mercy. Eduardo, with a Mechanical Engineering background, is the one in charge of design, testing and more. Meanwhile Jose, with an Electrical Engineering background..