Plays in Virtual Reality with hundreds of items, with no remote controls, one of the worlds you like the most. You need only your body!

The VR Adventure is a nascent market that has no limits, could be implemented everywhere, from offices to hospitals. To describe the project will do a simple example: Saturday night, with friends decide to go for something different that you heard in the advertisements. The thing seems very interesting and decide to go. You are faced with a great structure, you park and enter. Immediately you are explained to you that you have to be careful both to yourself and the equipment inside the hall will be catapulted into another world.

You can decide among so many scenarios to try and decide the fantasy one. Wear a visor and headphones and go inside. Soon you find yourself in a large forest with tall trees 20 meters, surrounded by nature, you feel the wind and the smells. Your goal is to retrieve a medallion. You do not know what to do and where to go. Started immediately to look for objects around and find a key.

As soon as the see and pick you understand that the key really exists, not only in the game. It ‘a soft object that you can hold in your hand. So, between orcs that attack and dragons from which escaped find the door, even that you feel it in your hands. Open, walk, defeat the boss, and you find yourself in front of the treasure. You won. Removed the viewer you experience a reality of which were already consciously aware. You’ve always been in an empty hall, in dim light.

The project is simple. Every 5/10 month the VR Adventure team can create the world when you can play with your friends or alone.

The first thing you can do is to come in our structure and learn the rules:

  • Play with attention
  • Don’t remove the visor
  • Staff are with you and can hear you, if you have some problems ask some help.

Then you must wear the VR visor and play



For making a good game, the staff should be composed of:

  • Commercial Administrator;
  • Game Designer and Art Director;
  • Artists 3D and Concept Artist;
  • Programmer

The same figures who face the hard task of creating video games.

To start models are created and textured


You can play with real objects, specially designed to not hurt the players, safe and soft make with latex. These objects are composed of various sensors that are read by the machine and processed into the world you are playing. You can fight and defense yourself against enemies or just interact with them.

When you reach a certain score, and will become the first in the standings, you can win a prize at the end of the month  

  • Hours of gameplay
  • A dinner
  • Technological Awards



There are many types of scenarios that you can play:

  • Fantasy and RPG
  • Space Simulation and racing
  • Shooter
  • Solving puzzles

And many others!

Once created the game it will be available for download in their hub so you can play them even at home with your personal equipment.


Arch. Luca Tocco (Project creator, Game Designer and Art Director). Graduated between Cagliari and Florence, immediately created environments for architecture with the passion for animation of characters and the creation of their stories told through interactive multimedia scenarios.

In the creator’s own words: The project stems from years of experience in architecture, more precisely in the digital domain, where the project is assembled and made viewable to customers. My love for drawing and for the technology has resulted in the virtual reality. Being a gamer since I had my first PlayStation, I wanted to create a work that was also my passion. So, in my architectural firm I decided to use the VR to see what the clients were buying, taking them in the empty lot with a viewer and making them walk through the house. Now, I have the practical skills and know what it takes to make a big project.

Arch has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising €350,000 in order to continue the project to re-create digital environments for people to play, for use in architecture, education, research and medicine.

Backers have several prize tiers and categories to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick!

 Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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