Trish’s Truffles & Sweet Treats


Chocolate Truffles & Sweet Treats handcrafted the European traditional way. One bite and you will always want to eat dessert first!


To provide the best handcrafted chocolate truffles, macarons, cookies and desserts, using only the finest ingredients and backed by our 100% satisfaction.

I have been baking since I could stand on a chair in my mothers and grandmothers kitchens and help them and it is still my favorite thing to do!  I loved measuring, mixing and then the decorating of these delicious treats that everyone got to enjoy.  I loved the smiles the desserts always brought to family and friends.

I have been creating and selling desserts for over 30 years as part of my catering company. However, it was only after friends and clients kept telling me I needed to really focus on this talent and with a soft nudge from God that I started Trish’s Truffles and Sweet Treats.

I immediately got to work on creating my signature flavors for truffles, cookies and French macarons. After weeks of trial and error and many blind taste tests with friends, family and clients, the results were in. I had accomplished my goal – outstanding flavors and textures that give you a lasting happy feeling and a desire for more.

I knew that I wanted to share my passion with others to enjoy so I began building my brand. Designing packaging, taking photography of my creations, and throwing sample parties – I hit the ground running to bring my desserts to my local community.

All of my creations are handcrafted with the finest ingredients available.

Truffles – The truffles are made the traditional European way. Only the finest ingredients goes into each flavor: Belgium and Swiss chocolate, real butter & cream, natural extracts, fresh roasted nuts and the best liquors. A heavenly gift for your taste buds.

French Macarons – These dainty French cream-filled sandwich cookies make your mouth and your soul dance with sweet happiness. Each macaron is made with  ground almonds, egg whites and sugars, bake to perfection creating a thin crispy covering for the soft cookie layers, then filled with buttercream, ganache or jam.

Cookies – Made with real butter, flour, sugar, chocolate, nuts cinnamon, candy and so much more.  I make our cookies just like my mom and grandmother, with the finest ingredients and lots of love.  Each bite will will make you smile.

Brownies – Decadent, gooey, chocolaty, fudgy, cakey, nutty and indulgent: best describes our brownies.  Belgium & Swiss chocolate and cocoa powder, real butter, super fine sugar, real cream, eggs and goodness goes into each recipe. Every flavor will satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth.

With your help, I’ll be able to expand my business and share my online company of European handcrafted chocolates and sweet treats with the world.
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Trish Koodrich     Westlake, OH
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Trish’s love for chocolate and sweet treats started when she was a young girl helping her mother and grandmother bake, cookies, cake and pies; but her passion blossomed during her first trip to Paris in the 1982. One bite of a chocolate truffle from the famous Fachon’s Bakery and Patisserie made her know she had to learn how to make them. Even though her career was in the corporate world for nearly 30 years, she was known as the go to for specialty desserts and chocolates.
In 2002 Trish left the corporate world and open the Picc-A-Deli Cafe’s and Catering Company, here she was able to not only create fresh made from scratch soups, salads, wraps and sandwiches, she could expand her desserts offerings.
Trish was the go to person for the majority of all area corporations as well the city of Westlake, Ohio’s Mayors office. Trish organized the food served for the President Bush’s 2004 rally , as well as the 2012 presidential rally for Senator Paul Ryan. She is a regular guest on the Fox 8 Morning show and teaches cooking classes for all of the top appliance companies.
In 2012 she decided to close her cafes and focus on her true love; chocolate, truffles and sweet treats and she is being told by everyone who taste them this is her best venture yet.