Help create a new internet super-team and join THE SUPERHERO INITIATIVE!

Everybody has wanted to be a superhero at some point in their life. With THE SUPERHERO INITIATIVE, you can live that dream.

Step into the inner circle of H.A.D.E.S., an organisation founded to educate people in the ways of the superhero, from choosing a name to designing a costume and learning how to master their superpowers. A dedicated yet dysfunctional team of superheroes will walk you through the process from beginning to end, and each week you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with the team.

So join THE SUPERHERO INITIATIVE and realise your full potential.
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About Project Creator


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Phil Boothman    Leeds, United Kingdom
I’ve always loved superheroes and what they represent – the goodness inherent in people and the willingness to do anything to protect those around them. I’ve also always loved comedy and tried to explore it in as many different avenues as possible – from writing to filmmaking, from stand up to creating web content.
My YouTube channel EmpathDigital is my way of combining the two things I am passionate about, and connecting with people across the world who share my interests