The Museum of Civilisations of Islam

Discover major contributions of islamic civilisations in various scientific aeras through a modern museum in Switzerland.

This project is supported for over 15 years, La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland,  but he took a special importance in recent years, with the omnipresent theme in the Islamic world events

The idea is to show through a modern and avant-garde museum , the real facet of Muslim civilization , past and present . A tradition of exchanges with other cultures and civilizations, a major contribution in some areas of science, the role of transmission of Greek science to the Enlightenment, these are the themes of this museum open to all.

Its role will be to generate exchange and constructive debate , and think to discover , develop vis- à-vis tolerance of all.

More than ever, we all need places sharing , exchange and debate, for both live together better and sometimes beyond our prejudices.

Risks and challenges

The project is in its final phase , the opening date is set . The challenge is to complete this home straight. All administrative authorizations and steps have been taken . The premises belong to us and are ready to receive the exhibits.
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About Project Creator


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mucivi      La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
I am an entrepreneur from Colombia with a large family with lineage of coffee growers. I started my career in the fashion and design industry for a brand that was nationally recognized.