‘The Heaven Doors’ CD by Caesar Sant, Violin Music

When Caesar Sant was just 2 years old, he took to the violin and played the instrument with proficiency that left music teachers amazed. But this little boy is more than a musical genius. He is a hero who has battled sickle cell anemia since birth. At age 4, Caesar faced three debilitating strokes in one single year. At the time of the third stroke that was caused due to the anemia, in 2014, Caesar could not even walk or play the violin. Gradually, he recovered with faith in God, love, and hope to help him every step of the way.

Now, Caesar has to undergo monthly blood transfusions to remain free from strokes. The cure for his condition lies in a costly bone marrow transplant. Caesar’s parents urgently need the funds to save their son’s life and are looking to produce a CD to finance his treatment. Featuring Caesar’s music, the CD will hopefully generate enough funds for the transplant through brisk sales. But making the CD requires an investment of USD 50,000. Once the CD is made, the remainder of the money will also go towards Caesar’s medical treatment. Help this young boy survive a deadly disease and give him a chance to pull through. The campaign featuring Caesar Sant’s CD entitled “The Heaven Doors” is currently on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.
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