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Cecille London is a truly elegant and exclusive brand. Specializing in luxury fashion for women, you can tell love and passion has gone into the brand through their appreciation for style. Browsing the site gives you a sense of the brand and the person behind it, the proposed project ‘The Big Designer Showcase’ has been well thought out with the true business strategy in mind. Being a self-funded company since they launched in 2014 has brought them much success, but now is the time for the brand to reach out which will mean a new collection being made so us women can carry on dressing beautiful. Their ideas for the future are more than exciting and I cannot wait to see what they bring us next. Cecille London is a trusting and professional company with the drive to do more and they will continue to expand and they deserve funding!!

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Marina Spindola    London, UK
I am Marina Spindola, My family is Italian ( yes, I can be a bit loud sometimes) but I was raised in Sao Paulo- Brazil. I have been fortunated enough to have a chance to go to university where I graduated as a Lawyer, worked in the family business but soon moved to London.
In London, I had to start from the beginning to make a living, I worked as a waitress in cafes and restaurantes. I met wonderful people that guided and helped me to gain a qualification as Chartered Accountant.
I started a family and always had in my mind that I could do something unique, create something that people could get involved. I always been a passionate entrepreneur and spent my days thinking what I could do next. Due to the financial crisis, I lost my job in 2014 and decided to do what I love to do.!!