A photography book to fund solutions to homelessness + affordable housing through art.

The Art of Skid Row is a tool to reference the need for a new system of housing. Through this book, the human element of Homelessness + Urban Poverty become a visceral experience. The Art of Skid Row is an awareness campaign designed to shift the public perception of homelessness. Homelessness is a human rights issue. The fundamental truth of homelessness is humans not having homes. This book serves as a reminder to the human element of the issue. With the vision of our partner photographers; we take you on a journey to understand the underlying roots, causes and experiences of homelessness.

We believe it is necessary to take a holistic approach in understanding the needs of all humans on the planet. To ensure a prosperous future for the human condition and experience we need to invest in housing that is affordable for everyone. With the purchase of this book you invest in a long term solution to homelessness and urban poverty. 

The Art of Skid Row:LA was completed in May 2016. The first delivery of books will be in June 2016. This IndieGoGo campaign is raising funds to launch The Art of Skid Row far and wide! Sustaynabl is self-publishing this book to retain control over the use of proceeds. This IndieGoGo will also fund the production of The Art of Skid Row: San Francisco, which will begin recruiting photographers in July 2016!

pro 4About Sustaynabl

Sustaynabl, Inc was founded in 2015 as a Benefit Corporation.

As a Benefit Corporation we place value on our mission and vision before our profits. Seeking to make global impact using exponential methodologies + technologies, the company focused its efforts on the development of a future looking model for the planetary housing needs in urban centers. Working in the City of Los Angeles; which is facing one the largest affordable housing shortages and homelessness issues in the country,

we crafted a vision for the future of housing, responsible and sustainable development, economic redevelopment of under-served and underutilized communities, inclusive health care models, and a long-term solution to homelessness. With partners from around the globe, including China’s Broad Group, Poverty Matters, and local Los Angeles partners, we have created a model that addresses the needs of urban housing through scalable investment friendly development.

We believe it is important to shift the public perception of homelessness to adequately address it.100% of the profit from the Art of Skid Row is invested in the development + implementation of Sustaynabl Affordable Housing. 10% of the profit is donated to Poverty Matters; which focuses on housing at risk homeless individuals before they lose their affordable housing.
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Colton Boettcher     LOS ANGELES, United States
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Developer. Humanist. Futurist. I founded Sustaynabl to make a positive impact in the world. My goal is to create business solutions to our global issues utilizing the corporate structure of a Benefit Corporation. This allows our company to balance our mission + vision with our profits. I believe this is the future of business. Profits will no longer be limited to monetary value; but also the value and impact you have on humanity.