Techgrlz mission is to share the stories of Girls and Women in Technology today, historically and look ahead to the future. We’ve all heard the statistics and challenges of gender equality in Tech. What do today’s Girls and Women think of Tech? Are they pursuing Tech as a hobby or a career path? Do they see themselves in the Tech leadership positions of tomorrow? Through this Podcast, let’s hear from Girls and Women; their stories and their ideas on what’s working and what isn’t.

Techgrlz is a Podcast about Girls and Women in Technology.  I am Trisha Walsh, Techgrlz founder and host, and I’ve worked as a Technology manager for over 15 years.  I’ve overseen the technology and people supporting business applications and infrastructure.  I am also a podcast junkie.  I’m actively subscribed to 25 podcasts.  Some weeks I run out of podcast content, so I go explore others I may want to add to my repertoire.  But in all my searching I have not been able to find a podcast telling the personal stories of today’s Girls and Women in Technology and how they got there.
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