Tatewick Treats Decadent Cookie Bars

Purveyors of deliciously outrageous decadent cookie bars to guide you on your dessert adventure.

It all started with helping mom in the kitchen during the holidays. The one task I would look forward to was mixing the sweet potato pie. (Hands down my favorite dessert, and in fact, the greatest dessert of all time. And I make a mean one based on that same generations’ old recipe, catch me in the fall, but I digress.) That was the birth of my sweet tooth and it has been going strong ever since.

Fast forward a few decades and I was that guy bringing in tasty treats to the office. For a good two years straight I brought in something different. Cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, pastries, you name it I baked it. This was the golden age of the Tate’s Test Kitchen. It was out of that that Tatewick Treats was spawned after a particular treat struck a chord with my random curiosity for flavor combinations.

That brings us to today. 

Tatewick Treats is a purveyor of deliciously outrageous decadent cookie bars to guide you on your dessert adventure. We are here to provide you with a new experience. Cookies, cakes, pies, trust us we love them as much as you do, but the beauty of the bar resides in the infinite nature of its variety. We just wanted to bring something a little different to this universe of sweetness. Bars provide the perfect delivery system for infinite flavor combinations and profiles. We’re sure that after trying our treats you’ll add them to your dessert rotation.

We launched last fall and popped up at a few markets and festivals (hopefully you saw us at Randolph Street Market) and were delighted to see that we’re indeed bringing something that our customers enjoyed. Now in 2017, we are looking to expand our farmer’s market presence and roll out two new products. We are asking for your support. We have crafted some delicious rewards for all of you to sink your teeth into and we can’t wait to deliver. All proceeds will be used to help cover associated fees for the upcoming farmer’s market season and to complete the development and launch of “Bar Bites” and “Truffle Bars”.

Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information: