Talanta is a social media platform (mobile app) where anyone can just participate by sharing their videos and stand to win the prize money without any extra costs and the winner is determined by the user with the most number of likes. There are so many people who are talented but they do not get the platform to show their talents. This campaign is to help those millions of talents be seen and recognized. Just by watching some of the many contests held, i feel pity for some who are talented but based on the bias on judges, they don’t win. Talanta is about making people’s dreams come true, and i believe with your generous contribution we will achieve it.

Its simple to use:

Enter your Personal profile and upload your talent then share with friends and family. The more people like your post the better you stand to win the grand prize.

You can also chat and send private messages to other users.


Talanta will be launched in early December 2015 where users can start downloading it from Google play store and the finals will be held in June 2016. The $1000 will be used to offset a fraction of the developers fees. So far the app is in the demo stage and soon after it will be launched for users. Your contribution will help so many people to realize their dreams either directly or indirectly. Future plans include finding sponsors for specific talents that are super cool. Let everyone be appreciated for what they have, let the dreams come true.


Users can donate using the app for sustainability and various companies will be approached before launching for the initial prize money.
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About Project Creator


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Enoch Ochanji    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
My names are Enoch Ochanji and i hold a bachelors degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Am an entrepreneur at heart and have tried so many businesses some successful and others not. I am married with two daughters. I currently reside in Tanzania though am a Kenyan Citizen. I love singing and have joined the church choir where we have produced one audio album and are working on the visual video of the same. I have been interested in holding a contest to promote talents for a long time. I see people sharing videos full of talents and i ask myself, why are these people not making money from these videos and that’s how the idea was born. My passion is in helping people, for instance in Malindi Marine Park (Kenya) i helped to resolve a dispute between the managers and the community who had boundary disputes i also helped them in starting income generating projects such as butterfly farming and mushroom cultivation, i aided Kindunguni Catholic Men Association members (Kenya) start an income generating project such as tree planting, savings and loaning account where members saved and benefited from the account.