When Bobby Rognlien, the campaign manager of Star Status Club set out to launch this fashion platform to bring value to everyone, and a chance to dress like a star, a fashion revolution was initiated. Now, the Star Status Club gives you a chance to dress like your favorite celeb. With the quality that comes from experience and networking in the LA garment industry, the Star Status Club is ready to bring affordable celebrity fashion to a wide audience. Now dress like a star at the fraction of the cost. Access quality clothing that gives a new meaning to celeb haute cotoure and does not mean you have to shell out big bucks to look famous. Bobby and his team at the Star Status Club have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign seeking just US $25,000 in funds to launch this fashion line and platform. Make a star in you come alive. Donate to the Star Status Club and help everyone access exclusive and affordable celeb fashion.
Have a look at the KICKSTARTER link below: