Scenic Japanese Postcards with 360 view. # Postair

The Most Reasonable VR Experience In The World! Scenic Japanese Postcards with 360 panorama view!


Post air by making the special camera, in conjunction with the slope of the entire celestial sphere panorama photo to use the technology smartphone, it is a post card of a completely new sensation that can provide a feeling of being on the spot.

360 ° panoramic view on the smartphone browser you can experience. Just to read the QR code with the QR code reader, which is standard on smart phones, providing a 360 ° panoramic view.

Please find these postcards that deliver you Japanese cultures and atmospheres.

We started Post air project to offer postcards with iconic Japanese’ sights, full of cultures and traditions to people around the world. But we didn’t stop there.

Not like any postcards, a vintage flavored photo decorates the front, but on the back you can find a QR code that can be scanned by your smart device’s QR code reader. You will experience a 360 degree panorama view of the landscape that is shown on the front for a life-like immersive experience.

Here is an example(you had better try by your smartphone);
This is the famous “Shibuya Scramble Crossing”.

Try it! How do you feel ?

Send these postcards to your family and friends. They will feel as if they are actually walking along the street of Japan.
Or keep these postcards on your desk for a 360 degree visual trip to Japan.

We are proud of delivering Japan’s unique cultures to you and important people around you.
Thank you so much for visiting our project.
We will release next series this year so we are appreciate your support!

The Impact

We think this technology is a new archive for vanishing cultures, traditions and landscapes. There are videos to record but it’s not easy to access from smartphone because of size. Our solution is invented particularly for smartphone because you only need to scan QR code on paper(postcard, brochure, report and so on).

Possible Risks & Challenges

We recognize our risks;

  1. OS issue : iOS devices(iPhone&iPad) don’t have QR code reader. We did not test all Android OS devices so we can not guarantee you can scan QR code. We recommend you to install free QR code reader to your device.
  2. Bandwidth : If you are in circumstance where you have poor internet connection, it is not smooth to show 360 degree panorama view.

We have next challenges;

  1. 360 movie : We are planning to test and deploy 360 degree panorama movie next year. We may offer you another life-changing experience!
  2. B2B biz : We recognize this 360 degree panorama view can be applied to business use. We have meetings with companies to prospect business needs.


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