Production of insulated water and sewage chambers

New generation sewage and water systems. Environment friendly solutions for better future.

Firstly we all are drinking water, and if there is poor quality chambers, pipes and system at all then sewerage is going to environment and make dirty our drinking water. Second part is heat insulation for sewerage system, when we release bath, there is hundred liters with warm water, and if we get back spend energy to warm it up, we use less energy for different processes. Thirdly there is lot of people working on pipelines, cleaning sewage systems, survey water chambers and their weekday is getting in bad conditions – concrete chambers with unstable construction, there is risks to get injury, or get infections. This is new, environment friendly product which will improve the system how clean water is being supplied and sewage taken away.


New product innovation in the water and sewage systems and their production

Pointing out my successful, already done things

  • I have made Heat isolated chamber for water meter, so people have this chamber in their garden and nobody from waterworks disturb them at home to take meter readings. until now people had water meter in house, and waterworks companies may disturb people private at their homes. Now it is different. But there is a lot of more system components should be improved in nowadays.

There is no difficulties.

  • I can make all these knots and chambers produced in factory not on site, so quality is in different level. We can save energy, and take it out from warm waste water system. We all together can save our environment.
  • Production is not problem, to build machines, design products and get them real is not problem. Problem could be construction companies, they always thinking about money and where to buy materials – system components cheaper.
  • Let them get it cheaper but in good quality and with features about future.

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Janis Dunkurs    Malpils, Latvia
Good day. Here I am young and passionate water technology engineer, I am 26 years old and I have studied heat gas and water technology for 8 years. My passion is inventing and creating new products for engineers. All began 8 years ago, when I was 18, after school I worked for international production company. I had to work on very complex projects designing solutions for city water and sewage grid. All of those projects have now been implemented and proven working in city infrastructure. After three years working and seeing competitor solutions I realized that these technologies need improvement. Things need to be done better way. To realize my ideas I decided to change market standards So 5 years ago I decided to make my own company to produce complex solutions for water supply and sewerage, One of new solutions I manufactured was individual fully automated pumping stations. It excited me, to be creating new products in market and replace morally and technically outdated solutions with new ones.