Portraits by Aris Jerome


Portrait hardbook capturing the people that inspire. My goal is to give viewers the push they need to follow their dreams. Support art.

This is my first portrait book as a photographer for 7 years. This photobook is called “Portraits by Aris Jerome”. A collective of talented artists I’ve come across over the years and new artists I’ll meet this year. The portraits will display their talents and familiar faces. Everyone captured in this book will answer one question “What Inspires You?”. Their answer will be printed before their series. It will tell us what really keeps them going as artists. I aim to inspire viewers to follow their dreams like the examples in this book.


Inspiration is a powerful feeling. So powerful that it can change our lives by giving us the motivation we need to follow our goals. We are inspired by people who have followed their goals and succeeded. These are the people I am capturing for this project. My main goal is to create a photobook that not only captures the raw personal feeling of portrait photography but have you really get to know who I am capturing. Have them connect with us and tell us what really keeps them going to do what they love. I want viewers to be inspired to do what they love and follow their dreams as well. It’s important that we never lose that spark for creativity and push ourselves to what truly makes us happy. This isn’t just a photobook… It’s an experience.
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Aris Jerome     Los Angeles, CA
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I’m a 26 year old photographer. I started shooting music videos at 19 in the Bay Area. That is how I first started meeting artists. Hearing their stories really inspired me to keep following my dreams. So I moved to LA and haven’t dropped the camera ever since. Photography is my true passion and I want to share the idea of following your dreams with the world.