PaRe camera remote controller

PaRe or Panasonic Remote is the latest innovation to hit the world of wireless video camera control. Construction, design and development of this Panasonic video camera controller will be carried out by Croatian company Digipin 13. The video camera remote controller uses the digital analog method for effective control of the Panasonic camera.

The PaRe controller is based on analog digital combination controlled microprocessor with advanced software solution. The controller has a jack of 2.5 mm an a 3.5 mm jack connector for control. New innovation in video production and video recording are now possible with PaRe that offers the following advantages:

  • Low usage of battery
  • Multifunctionlity, modern controller and scope for firmware upgrade
  • Multicolor signalization of controller status
  • Smooth accuracy and auto function
  • Lock up and down focus function
  • Standard variable speed
  • Recording button with LED signaling

Precision in focusing, accurate points, memorization of focus position with time transition, aperture control, speed management functions and limitation of desired value are some of the other benefits of PaRe.

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