Nu Vapor Company Will Utilize Software as Service as well as Smart Vending Machines and Distribution

Welcome To Nu Vapor Company !
We are a Brand New Entity Working as SaS as well as distribution in order to facilitate the ease of distribution of Vapor Juice and Technology through out the community.

  • My name is Alexander Babel and my Company is NuVapor. Our plan to disperse vapor juice through technology. What we will do Initially is build a smart vending machine capable of producing vapor juice. Think the new coke machine a machine that blends sodas mixed with the Redbox ideology. We will blend all the necessary ingredients. The product will be a perfect vape juice. The recipes will be supplied via all the tinkers out there enjoying and making vaporizer juices. They may Submit their blend and it can be replicated on any machine any place on earth.

  • We are Now Seeding First Round But I thought it Might be fun To Engage Crowd Sourcing as well as Venture Capital.  So This Campaign Will Do just that in A Mad Race to the 10 Million First Round Goal.

  • Contributors Will Have a Hand in Building a Trillion Dollar Company and Have Fun Doing it.  What We are Offering here Is Access to the Initial Nu Vapor Lounge. To Come Chill, Enjoy, and Learn While We Build our Revolutionary Machines.

    NuVapor will allow you to keep tinkering to keep playing to keep playing and making all the wonderful juice flavors and varieties you love but will give you the chance to share them more readily with others just as Redbox, NetFlix, and Hulu have giving the film community the chance to share more easily.

    NuVapor will take your recipe and share it with others in the community it will allow them to try it on demand by just going to their local Nuvapor machine. This machine will work in much the same way redbox works and the new coke machine works it will take all of the starting materials and blend them together to make a whole a bottle of liquid which you can eventually inhale. In your atomizer of choice and be on your merry way. this my friends is the future and it’s about time we all enjoy it. Thank You and Be Well !
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    Alexander Babel      Eugene, Oregon, USA
    When I look out into the world I see that it is changing. I see it in myself the words I say the understanding I have. Some may ask how did this happen to you how did you go from this lost sheep without a home. to a man with purpose, drive, and power. I had help, humanity came to my rescue at my darkest hour and now I feel I can return the favor.