No cell phone bill ever! Advertisers pay the bill!

We are offering free unlimited cell phone service with no phone bill ever guaranteed.

We will set up our patented process to bring to you ABSOLUTELY FREE; Unlimited talk, local and international, free text, and free high speed internet services, with no hidden charges ever. The best part of this is you get to keep your same phone and same phone number. We guarantee, NO SHUT OFFS EVER, and NO minutes to purchase.  Not only that, you get free Netflix access which means you get to watch all the movies and TV shows you want. Slim Cell Wireless pays netflix for you. You will no longer be a slave to those cell phone service providers. You get to watch all of the movies you want free. Play games free. Go on social media and stay on as long as you want, free. Send as many text messages as you want, free. And stay on your cell phone all day and all night if you want absolutely FREE.

Here is how it works.  When you place a call, you get a 15 second advertisement instead of a phone ringing in your ear. The advertisement will be targeted to you. You won’t be bothered with ads that don’t interest you.  Advertisers pay your phone costs.  Ads will also replace voice mail instructions, call waiting, and a couple of other areas.

I can remember a time when we were charged $15 dollars a month for one land line telephone per household. There were no talk limits, with a small charge for long distance calls. Now a family of five pays $500.00 per month, per household for five seperate cell phones. Often times these cell phones have limited talk text and internet use. There also used to be free TV with plenty of movies and our favorite shows. Now with cable tv it cost us $150.00 or more each month for the same movies and shows.

We at Slim Cell Wireless, believe those ridiculous charges can be done away with. Parents now-a-days, with this lingering recession, find it difficult to provide basic food and clothing, housing, transportation, utilities, and medical necessities, while trying to maintain cell phone bills. Families have to choose between everyday neccessities and paying their cell phone bill. This problem is much worse for single parent families. That whole load falls on one parent. Then we have the minimum wage workers, some of whom have children and are single parents. Almost one third of their income goes to pay cell phone bills. Some have tuition,  car notes, Day- Care bills, on and on. I think you get the picture. The problem is worldwide. However, if we stand together as one; And launch this worldwide service we solve an economic problem for the whole world. We are all citizens of this planet and must all concern ourselves with the well being of others. Your donations help us to help you, and your family and friends.

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We at Slim Cell Wireless realize the importance of maintaining communication with the rest of the family and the rest of the world. Kids constantly have emergancies and need to contact parents.

With Slim Cell Wireless we free up your tight budget.  All the while we loosen up the countries recession and stimulate the economy with more purchasing power. With money saved with Slim Cell Wireless, you have extra money in your pocket to buy things you have wanted to, but were unable to do.

After a small ONE TIME fee of just $70.00, we at Slim Cell Wireless not only bring you free unlimited talk, text, and free high speed internet, we give you free Netflix movies and T.V entertainment.

Our advertising dept. will see to it that you hear only the ads that interest you on your phone. Now you can gain these products through our patented discount methods. Every day you will be able to go to our website and check which gift has your cell number attached. There will be instructions for redeemimg your gift certificate. That gift will be for one of the ads that you heard on your cell phone. With this gift certificate program you can say we are paying you instead of you paying us for using your own phone. The more products you redeem or trade with other people for their certificate, the more products are manufactured. This creates more jobs, which in turn helps our economy. Every body wins.

STOP…HOLD ON…WAIT ONE MINUTE…THAT’S NOT ALL…Boy have I got a deal for you.

I am here to introduce to you a revolutionary new free cell phone service. SLIM CELL WIRELESSSlim Cell wireless is the only cell phone service where you pay a one time registration fee. This fee includes talk, text and 4g high speed internet service. Absolutely no hidden charges; NO minutes to purchase; NO monthly bill to pay, and NO shut-offs EVER…Just plain FREE.

Not only is there never a phone bill, you get FREE premium Netflix movies and T.V. You watch all of your favorite movies and T.V. shows at NO cost to you EVER. It’s included with the SLIM CELL WIRELESSservice.

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