Summation’s journey began with the creation of our Olympian Gods bags in 2016. The products bear the stamp of excellent quality and fine craftsmanship. Fashion bags from Summation offer infinite value. This Hong Kong based company offers quality products that will steal your heart and charm onlookers alike. Summation is the addition of a sequence of numbers in mathematics. Reflecting the creation of unlimited value, Summation fosters trust. Custom fabrics, excellent designs, superior quality and innovative fabrics from Hong Kong’s leading innovator makes this the creative choice of those who fancy unique, one-of-a-kind products. From the S05 Hephaestus Briefcase to the S0101 Zeus camera backpack, multi-functional bags with customized 1000D nylon polyester TEFLON add charm and grace to your ensemble and provide a new definition of style that transcends nations. Let Hong Kong’s finest innovator redefine style for you. One-of-kind bags and backpacks make Summation the right choice for value addition to your wardrobe and style quotient.

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