Need Funding To Help Put This Delicious No MSG, No Preservatives Outside The Soy Sauce Beef Jerky On The Store Shelves! 6 Flavors!

Hello my name is Michelle Timberlake.

I am the President and C.E.O. , of Marjorie’s Beef Jerky. This Beef Jerky product was founded in 1991 by myself and I named this product after my mother Marjorie Leona Dawson-Gatson . My mother was my number one fan of this amazing Beef Jerky. Before my mother died she wanted to have a talk with me. Her exact words were ” Michelle you need to put this product out on the market. This Beef Jerky will make you” I looked at my mother and said you think so Mamma? And she said….. “Yes! But I wont be here to see it.” I then told my mother that I will do everything in my power to make sure that her picture is in as many stores through out this Country.

My mother smiled and said…. ” Really?” I said really and she said… “Wow”

I later knew what my mother was saying because she died of a heart attack and stage four kidney failure that none of us knew about. I took my mothers words to heart and hear I am.

The woman on this package is my mother at the age of 17 at whom I named this Beef Jerky product after . I love and miss my mother and I plan to serve this entire nation with some of the most tasty Beef Jerky that all can enjoy! This product has no MSG and no Preservatives other than what might be in the soy Sauce that we use. We offer six delicious Flavors.
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Michelle Timberlake     Tuscaloosa, AL
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Michelle D. Timberlake born in Apple Valley, CA. Founded Marjorie’s Beef Jerky in 1991 in Victorville CA.
11/2000 Moved to Butler Alabama for a chance at the American Dream. Michelle is a Truck Driver now driving trucks for 26 years at which she has raised her two children on these wages. View Full Bio