Hymns And Spiritual Songs Album

Inspired by life and her own Christian faith, Sherdonna Denholm is an independent folk singer and song writer embarking on a spiritual tribute to the scriptures. Having 2 successful albums to her credit, Sherdonna is set to create musical hymns and spiritual songs that offer value to the faithful believer. Sherdonna is working to bring the unique spiritual musical album to a wide audience through her wonderful skills as a performer and artist. She is also working with a sound mixing professional that has partnered Dolly Parton and Sandra McCracken. Sherdonna is setting aside these beautiful songs that offer a wonderful blend of scriptures and spiritual experience to yield the perfect sounds that heal and enrich the mind. With a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the album is your chance to be part of Sherdonna’s musical journey.
Have a look at the INDIEGOGO link below: