Heart Disease or Hormones? Vitamins for your Life

ProBalance Medinutrients Vitamins is a US FDA registered manufacturer of vitamins and supplements with a difference. Led by a concern for patients and people taking prescription drugs worldwide, the company is focused on bringing supplements that battle Prescription Drug Induced Nutritional Deficiency in people worldwide. In the United States alone, nearly 70% of the people are on at least 1 prescription drug. As lifestyle diseases and chronic mental and physical conditions increase, the toll on health rises. To counter the deficiency incurred by long term use of blood pressure and cholesterol medication such as statins, ProBalance has come out with innovative supplements, that are a first in the vitamin market to counter drug induced nutritional deficiency. Given that health problems are on the rise, few vitamin companies have the foresight or innovation to cater to this specialized niche. ProBalance Vitamins is filling a much needed gap in the delivery of health care medicines and supplements and positive health outcomes. Help ProBalance Vitamins reach their goal of USD 29,000 and meet the needs of those in severe and dire medical dilemmas.
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