Hammer Metrics- THE STACK

Greg Cottrell is a bodybuilder and certified personal fitness trainer on a mission. His goal is to create the perfect supplement for chronic and acute supplementation purposes and the result was Hammer Metrics, a brand of a genuine, 13-ingredient rich fitness supplement . Hammer Metrics brand’s THE STACK is a recovery supplement that combines the pre, post and recovery stage doses to give the perfect boost to your body. The pre-workout 31g intake is perfect for the rush unlike any other.

The workout is followed by another dose of this supplement to facilitate recovery. Finally, this supplement also contributes to anabolic environments within the body apart from acute supplementation during the initial workout. The chronic effects of this supplementation last beyond the initial stages and give it the lasting power that no other bodybuilding supplement in the field can offer. So, get going with the Hammer Metrics The STACK and get back to being super fit, toned and fine. Support Greg’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for this awesome supplement today.
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