is at it again. After two very successful ventures into watch making they are starting a new project GALERNA.

After managing and developing two projects (El Buzo, a diver of vintage inspiration, and the Type RE, a pilot chronometer in the style of ’50 -’60), they wanted to go on with a third project called GALERNA, the most ambitious project ever developed in a forum and – as far as I know going beyond what many boutique brands do.

There will be three versions and all three have detailed pictures if you follow the link bellow.

The versions are as follows:

  1. The first metal chosen was grade 5 Titanium. It is significantly stronger than commercial pure titanium. This grade is an excellent combination of strength, corrosion, resistance and weld. The first version offered is Titanium grade 5 with natural finished.
  2. For the second version they wanted to go further in the scratch-resistance capacity by giving the titanium a DLC treatment and raising that resistance up to 2000 vickers, having as reference the 140 vickers of the 316 stainless steel. A consequence of this treatment was a black aspect, further enhancing “hard and tactical aesthetics”.
  3. The third version & material is an exotic and very special aluminum type bronze.

Oh and did I mention that they are making 0 money off of this? This is a project from aficionados to aficionados. The goal is €32.307 and it will all be spent on the materials.

You can help fund this awesome project here

As well as get more information and pictures of the watches. You will not be disappointed.