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Online grocery shop for convenient pickup or delivery. Making life easier 4 our fast pace community!

We’re here to serve the needs of those around us. Whether it be the overwhelmed mom or dad on their way home, and the elderly or disabled. Let us remedy a necessary task. Grocery shop with us and have your item available for immediate pickup or arrange delivery!! GetMilk! Providing Convenience to Necessities… There’s nothing quite like us!

Shop online or order at the menu board on location!

Getmilk! has other money-saving options for regular customers as well, such as annual membership.

“We offer three levels of membership,” Bailey said. “Entry level is 10 percent off an order, while blue is 15 percent and orange is 20 percent. Whichever membership level you pick, it covers you for a year. In addition, whether you are a member or not, with a Getmilk! account, each purchase gets you loyalty points, which subsequently can be exchanged for discounts on purchases.”

At this time, Getmilk! does not stock alcoholic beverages, but eventually will have wine and beer available.

“We are here to offer increased ease for shoppers, especially those who find it hard to make it to a regular grocery store,” Bailey said, “For a mother taking care of kids, the elderly, or even places like day care centers that need basic staples delivered. Bulk deals are available for those who need large amounts of merchandise.”

About GetMilk!

GetMilk! is a hybrid between convenience and grocery stores, providing total value in a manner our customers can expect.  We provide more flexibility than any other retailer when it comes to convenience.  Our business model is not new, but a collaboration of multiple convenient concepts into one business model is new.  We leverage delivery and drive-thru experience for our customers to pick up groceries and items of necessity without stepping one foot out of the car, or in the car (for that matter).  We do all the work, you relax!

GetMilk! Smart Device App is an exciting piece of our business bringing convenience anytime anywhere to your iPhone, Android, Tablet, or any other smart device of your choice.  We ensure that our customers are only fingertips away from GetMilk!  We also have an exciting tiered membership program for our members to take advantage of up to a 20% discount on everything, every time!  Not to mention customer loyalty points and unlimited monthly deliveries through subscription.  How cool is that?  We can’t wait to serve you!​​
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Terrell Bailey     Texarkana, United States
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I am founder, owner/operator of GetMilk! in Texarkana, TX.
I have created this project to help expand our brand with GetMilk! in order to service the needs of our community conveniently. I am married, and my wife Angela is a beautiful and supportive woman. We have one vibrant five year old daughter named Terryn. My background is science as I’m degreed in Biology and currently hold a sales manager position with a medical equipment company. However, in my early employment years I held positions in grocery/produce departments at a couple of different grocery stores. My efforts to provide this service actually came in response to our busy professional and personal life.