A story about a dying woman’s journey of acceptance as she travels through her life as Cabaret dancer.

Freyja, a story that is intended to speak to each of us. On the surface, this film showcases the life of a Cabaret Dancer. A life of excitement, passion and love. But this is about the decisions we make through our lives and coming to terms with the ones we regret. This project is for you.

Project Motive is to inspire you to live a life free of judgement. To live a life so fulfilling that at its end, we can look back and smile at. We go through life looking for reassurance. Constantly looking for approval from those around, but forget to look inwards. Sometimes the reassurance we crave, comes from within.

This project addresses empowerment, especially female empowerment. It’s a story dominated by strong women who have embraced themselves and those around them.

The Story behind the title: In Norse mythology, Freyja is a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death. She is the wife of the god Óðr who is frequently absent. In his absence, Freyja was said to have cried tears of red gold and search for him under assumed names. The mythology shows her to be dependent on her man, her husband. In this story, they take the same name and associate her with love, sexuality and beauty but they took away the dependency on her man. She doesn’t shed tears of ‘red gold’ for her man nor does she need to look for him out of insecurity.

‘Freyja’ is more than a character. ‘Freyja’ is a choice we all have to make, a choice to conquer ourselves and be a version of ourselves we didn’t know we could.

The journey starts with Iris, wandering the empty abandoned hallways of her home. Aged and frail, Iris has lived her life to its extreme and now passes her days alone awaiting her death to come. In this solitude, she finds herself looking for fragments of her past. Her static life of solitude is disrupted by a vision of her younger self. The two set off reminiscing through the life they once lived. The life of a Cabaret dancer, the first true and the betrayal that forged Iris to be Freyja.

The story is split up into two sections, the present and the past as Iris and Freyja relive their life together to find closure with the choices that changed Iris, a shy young girl with an uncorrupted outlook of life into Freyja, a woman who learns to empower herself after being betrayed the one man she truly loved. The Team wants to play with the difference by shooting the past on the RED Scarlet and the present on SUPER 16mm FILM. Freyja’s life belongs in the past, so the choice of using the RED Scarlet gives this essence of sharp, clear and pristine image. While the Super 16mm film gives us a more organic look, like the life that Iris leads.


Shivin R Grover is a young filmmaker who moved to Los Angeles from India to learn the art of filmmaking. His last film Echo saw success at film festival circuit in 2016 winning ‘L.A. Shorts Awards’, ‘Hollywood boulevard Film Festival’, ‘North Carolina Film festival’ and IndieWise International Film festival. The Film holds selections in 8 other film festivals including the Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest. Prior to this, he spent 5 years with a dance company in India training and teaching Jazz and Contemporary dance. The company toured the United States in 2015, visiting New York, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. He has had the opportunity to assist choreographer Ashley Lobo in Bollywood films like ‘Bombay Velvet’ and ‘Lekar Hum Dewana Dil’.

In the creator’s own words: The goal of this film is to serve you. We want to make a film that leaves an impact on you. It moves deeper than just entertainment. We want you to take home an idea of acceptance.

To accept who you truly are, the decisions you make and the life you live. Life is meant to be lived, so let’s live it to the fullest. No judgement, no regrets, and a journey to finding closure with all the choices we’ve made down this beautiful road.

The Team

A passionate group of people fully dedicated to making this wonderful film.


Tilted Squares Films is a group of filmmakers who believe in collaborative filmmaking. Films are made by teams, and the idea of Tilted Squares is to help assemble a team that can best serve the film. The Team wants to encourage artists to explore the extremities in their departments and come together in order to be the best version of ourselves.

Shivin R Grover has started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $15,000 the fund raised will be used for the following expenses: Locations, Talent, Equipment, Production, Art Design, Costumes, Hair, and Make-up.

Backers have several prize tiers and categories to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick!

The team welcomes your messages of support and encouragement, please do leave a message or comment alongside any pledge.

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