Revolutionary technology for early diagnosis of cancer is no longer a dream, but a reality with FAIS/Florida Analytical Imaging Solutions developing a nanotechnological liquid biopsy method to make sure cancer is detected in time. When FAIS CEO Dr. Tatyana Zhukov lost her husband Boris to pancreatic cancer in the year 2007, the loss only made her determined to find a cure. FAIS has a leadership team comprising top faculty from leading institutions with extensive publications in biomedical research journals. It also holds several research patents for innovative medical technologies.

But, this new method of detecting the cancer, which is way more accurate, quick, pain-free and non-invasive than traditional methods is one of its most revolutionary innovations. FAIS is seeking to increase the accuracy rate of this simple cancer test from 85% to 95% or more, for which it needs your support. Donate generously and support this unique innovation to make quick and early accurate detection of cancer possible. A terminal disease which threatens humanity, cancer can be treated if detected in time. Make a difference to the prognosis of cancer patients and help this medical innovation reach millions, by extending your support.
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