Flashing Lights: Police – Fire – EMS 

This crowdfunding campaign for Excalibur, a gaming division’s latest offering, on Kickstarter offers a unique chance to be part of an uplifting game. The game, called Flashing Lights, is a simulator single-multiplayer one, offering a thrilling experience for gamers. The players have a choice of adding to the police, fire or EMS team and combating a series of challenges. Crowdfunding for this unique game is sought of around 20,000 pounds and the game designers and team at Excalibur, a gaming unit of Contact Sales Ltd is looking for support in kind as well. Donate by spreading the word about this fascinating game and doing your bit to make gaming a delightful experience for all. This challenging game has you donning the role of a police/fire/EMS personnel and dealing with every kind of emergency there is out there. Designed with distinctive graphics and realistic effects, Excalibur’s Flashing Lights is a game unlike any other. Located in UK’s Banbury region, Excalibur is set to devise gaming solutions that offer a world of a difference to gamers.
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