American jazz musician Eva Kano began playing the piano at age 4. This multi-instrumentalist and jazz vocalist is therefore, a pioneer in many ways. Her spellbinding musical album “New Chapter” is set to launch with 4 standard jazz songs and 4 of her original musical compositions. Apart from creating original scores using the ukulele for the first time, this groundbreaking album units top jazz players from different parts of the Big Apple to bring an enchanting musical collection to life. Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Eva is set to make music exceptional in more ways than one. This is the first vocal jazz music album in the world featuring the ukulele. Apart from this instrument, Eva is also a seasoned guitarist. Having earned her BFA from the City College of NY, she is set to shine and helping her in this magical moment is the support of many. Add your voice to the growing chorus and let Eva’s melodious music reach us all.
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