Culturebase: Re:Imagine Your World

Discover local resources, opportunities, and community wherever you are. (iOS + Android)

What is Culturebase?

The best app for you to thrive doing what you love anywhere by connecting you to local resources, opportunities, and community. …without dealing with the clutter and chatter that every other platform is congested with.

(aka: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, local news, national news, TV, etc.)

Get straight to what you want and need in your city or destination.

Built for iOS AND Android.

Our Mission:

To optimize access to beneficial resources and community for creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independents to flourish doing what we love.

Why is Culturebase?

An all-in-one app that gets you straight to the local information you need:

Fun facts: A. By 2020, 50% of people will be freelancers/independents in the U.S. & U.K.  B. 35% of the U.S. Workforce already reports as freelancers.  C. The freelance and culture economies (creative economy) accounts for over $1 trillion annually in the U.S. (Sources: Intuit, Forbes)

About Project Creator:

Davion Ziere

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At age 12, I dreamt we’d live in a world where everyone did what they loved for a living and people knew their value. Since then, I have been on a mission to build bridges between aspiration and accomplishment in every community I have been a part of. I am a Globe Trotter, Emory Alum, former #1 Tesla Sales Advisor & Training Developer, Music Artist, Community Builder, and Creator of many things. I love family & food. And I believe in people the way people believed in me. Still writing the rest of the story…

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