Cooking and language

We teach children how to make healthy homemade food whilst they learn a new language, Italian, Spanish or French. The kids love it!

Language and cooking is a project to bring modern languages to underprivileged children in schools in London and surroundings through a hands on approach, such as cooking traditional home made meals The Language Cooking sessions are completely safe; we do not use sharp cutlery nor is there the need to use the oven or a hob. A recipe will be provided at the end of each class for the children to take home and cook with their parents.


There are many benefits children can take advantage from this exciting initiative.

  • Learn foreign languages in a fun way
  • Highlighting the importance of homemade meals.
  • Strengthening the bond with parents.
  • Positive impact on mood, behaviour and concentration.
  • Developing future interests and skills.

Our mission is to revolutionise the concept of learning by bringing languages and their culture to adults and children in a fun and proactive way.

Our dream: Teaching underprivileged children for free.

All the children have the right to education and I strongly believe I can contribute towards their education with your help!
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About Project Creator


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Raffaella Palumbo      London, UK
Languages Alive founder, Raffaella, is a CLTA (Certificate in Teaching Languages to Adults) qualified Italian teacher with a joint Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and French achieved at Kingston University, Surrey. A languages teacher to adults and children since 2002, Raffaella has developed excellent interpersonal skills which enable her to easily adapt to different environments and to work with people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Raffaella is an outgoing, hardworking professional who offers an absolute commitment to clients’ needs. She has also worked in the finance, tourism and media industries. Her great passions are cooking, her family and traveling the world to taste new cuisines and experience different cultures. Raffaella achieved a Master’s degree with merit in Intercultural Communication for Business and Professions at Birkbeck University, a world-class research and teaching institution in London.