Launched in 2016, Cognizance Journal strives to become an online news source focusing within the political and business realms, along with other vital issues happening in the United States. We don’t cover topics such as death, celebrity news, religion, racial issues. Many media sources like to insert these issues to create fear and division among us. We need to look past this tactic and collectively attack the real issues at play.

Our goal is to make the masses more aware of things that truly matter, as opposed to covering stories that are all filler and no news. We at Cognizance Journal aim to provide as much content as we can but we know for a fact we can’t do it alone, which is why we welcome interested contributors (especially in the political and business realms) to collaborate with us and produce articles regularly.

Risks and challenges

The biggest hurdle our website faces is breaking out as a reliable news source that doesn’t play off of fear and fragment us allowing serious issues to go unanswered. We have some sample pieces that we hope you like. Right now our main priority is being able to cover a years worth of website management expenses. We are doing everything possible to save money however the website management is something we are not skilled in and had to outsource. We also are recruiting heavily people who share our like mindedness and vision on a better news source that doesn’t inflate stories with no merit or fill media channels with completely worthless information.
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Zac Juergensen     Phoenix, AZ
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Zac Juergensen is a Marine Corps veteran finishing his B.S. degree at ASU.
He is currently a practicing real estate agent in the Phoenix area. Additionally, he has experience in the banking industry. He remains a huge advocate of avoiding debt and preparing for retirement at an early age.
Seeing a complete failure in many areas from education to government coupled with completely underperforming news sources, he started Cognizance Journal.
Cognizance Journal was founded on the principle of providing worthy information for the masses to harness and use. Zac intends to scale Cognizance Journal as fast as possible with like-minded freelancers that can contribute additional content.