Cardiia – Heart Disease Prevention In An App


Medicinal physics, IT and digital innovator Fabio Rebecchi started a personal project for his dad, which was a smartphone app that could detect cardiac abnormalities and diagnose heart diseases before they struck. But when he realized the true potential of this contactless app for regulating blood pressure waves and heart beats using only facial and fingertip data, Cardiia was born. Conceived by Fabio, and led by his team of international academic researchers and professionals from Italy, United States, Poland, Croatia and Albania, Cardiia is an innovative and affordable smartphone app with a bright future.

Team Cardiia won the Digital Health Forum Startup Competition in Florence as well as the Italian Entrepreneurs Association Startup Competition in Capri for its innovative app. Using video analysis, this app utilizes machine learning to fine tune diagnosis and detection of heart anomalies and associated diseases before they intensity. As nearly 9 out of 10 strokes are preventable if detected well in time, the potential of Cardiia for saving lives is boundless. Helping medical professionals and heart patients worldwide, Cardiia is currently featured in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign right now. Extend your support and a helping hand for financing this miraculous medical app today.
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