Betty Yuen DeMauro, Artist, Designer illustrator, Painter collage Artist, Photographer, Crafter, Started Creating Art at a very young age.

In the creator’s own words: I Have a Passion for all things creative, When I take my photos for my Cards I try to see the beauty whatever shoot, Simple and Sweet, I hope My Photo cards reflect that. My photos are printed on high quality fuji paper. 4×6, 5×5, 8×10 hand mounted on card stock, in a gloss finish. You can frame the card. All my cards are 5×7. And are cream and white.

I create Asian inspired crafts because I feel its represents me. I work with wood crafts and have a line of kawaii inspired tiny wooden kokeshi dolls. And octo-cuties, a wooden octopus that are hand created and painted in beautiful pastels. They are really cute! I plan to create more art to sell and to show, I have my fine art work  site connected to my online store, I am planning to place my fine art on the photo cards so more people can enjoy it.  And will be illustration my own line of cards to sell.  I can only do this if I can get the funding.


Betty Yuen DeMauro also works on a series of photo art cards, from an old historical beach near Boston called Revere Beach. It is historically the oldest national beach in the United Stated. She found beautiful graphic images there for her cards.


Betty has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $5,000 the fund raised will be used for the following expenses: supplies, art supplies, photography supplies and equipment, technical issues, website design, getting out to the web, advertising. etc, what one need to create a successful website.

As of writing, you’ll need to hand over $6 to hopefully receive a photo art card, while the 4 pack of photo Artcards will set you back $25. If all goes to plan, shipping estimates for January 2017.
Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information: