Buena Chaplin: Viaja a Centroamerica y graba DVD.

Combining diverse sounds like jazz, bolero, bossa nova and more, the Buena Chaplin is a unique musical group comprising Carlos Chaplin, Lucas Chaplin,  Alejandro Chaplin and Matias Chaplin. The four talented musicians have set together on a two and a half year journey to cover the whole of Latin and Central America. Tracing the roots of America through beautiful music, the Buenos Aires Argentina based group has set foot in Peru, Columbia, Ecuador and more. Now having compiled their diverse musical exchanges and experiences on the “Southern Hemisphere” a collection featuring their travels and music on the Latin American route, the group now seeks to reach Central America.

Traveling in an authentic Volkswagen 1983 model, the group seeks to cross the Panama Canal to reach Cartagna De Indias and for this, they need your support. Help fund their transport across the Panama Canal on crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo and fulfill their mission of creating a complementary North Hemisphere audiovisual collection comprising CDs and a DVD for birthing new music in fresh lands. Help this musical family spread their talent and music to further shores today and give the performers a chance to pay a moving tribute to the genius of Charles Chaplin and the musical sounds that are so uniquely their own.
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