Pearly is the perfect toy for children…. and the perfect tool for parents to educate their children about dental hygiene and the importance of brushing daily. Developed by talented Croatian programmer Sasa Salamon and American co-founder Ammar Darkazanli, Brushies is the perfect choice for those who want to make kids aware about how important brushing is through the toy called Pearly. Now, let those pearly whites shine and let your kids go through a learning lesson which will equip them with good dental health for life. Gaming psychology and modern technology blend to create adaptor penguin Pearly, the ultimate brushie attached to a manual toothbrush. Kids can use their brushes to control app based video games and learn more about why dental health matters and how to brush even better. Pearly VI has already won the hearts of kids worldwide and now the next-gen Pearly needs crowdfunding support to reach the children. An astounding 60-90 percent of children all over the globe suffer from tooth decay and consequent dental disorders. Brushing their teeth becomes boring, so Brushies has made it fun. Let kids join in the game and learn real life lessons that help them all throughout their lives forever. Support Brushies today.

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