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Black is the first Italian cross-media project that melts together a short animated film, a music album and a live electronic music performance. The project is a work in progress and will be completed in 2016.

The idea was taken from the homonymous animated short film presented by the production company So What ( ) to the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities – Cinema Department who allowed the company to financially begin the production and recognized it as a national cultural interest.

The film is written and directed by the motion graphic director Sara Taigher and is set during a long blackout in Rome that finds an unprepared, young electronic producer named Matteo who instantly realizes it has erased all the music he’s been preparing for days on his computer. Matteo is usually trapped in his routine life as a prisoner of his own habits. He will finally be able to discover a whole new world thanks to this sudden event.

Matteo is kind of a shy guy and he rarely leaves his place. He’s pretty much an «idiot savant» to his music and while the blackout lasts for days he struggles to overcome the “trauma” of not being able to make his own music.

While Rome quickly adapts to the new situation Matteo somehow manages to overcome his loneliness thanks to his neighbor Greta, a writer who makes him rediscover the pleasure of simple things and shows him a different way to express himself besides his usual one.

Black is a love story but also a call to feel ourselves and seize the moment: the main topics of the movie are music and energy as they continuously link together throughout the whole story. While they show us the importance of something that we normally take for granted: electricity!

Designed by Sara Taigher, the script was developed by Lorenzo Bartoli, a notorious Italian novelist and cartoonist, who unfortunately passed last October. The film in fact will be dedicated to him.

The draft of the script was later completed by Chiara Babuin and Daniele Di Blasio. Sara Taigher has worked side by side with the illustrators Yassmin Yaghmai and Caterina Ferrante and with the animators Ilaria Giacometti and Francesco Forti. The background illustrations were designed by Valerio Paolucci and Lorenzo Conti and the musicians Inti d’Ayala Valva and Andrea Cesare took care of developing the music over the sketches so that they could communicate as much as possible.

Black is teeming with music.

The sound has been described as sounding a bit ‘Daft Punk and sometimes a little “Vivaldi”. Its visual style is also quite sophisticated showing a research for a precise realism despite the 2D animation technique.

The choice of using animation in this story is not just a stylistic choice itself but also a way of narrating a possible story while keeping a deep romantic and philosophical sense.

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Sara Taigher     Rome, Italy
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Sara Taigher is a director and video designer.
After graduating in London, she started working in Rome as a motion designer and director of commercials and music videos. She works closely with agencies and collaborates with many different freelance artists and production companies. In 2012 she founded So What with Lorenzo Giordano and Ippolito Simion.