Art Book by Julie Leidel – Paintings: A Vintage Colorado

Julie Leidel creates Colorado artwork with a vintage look and is publishing an art book of her 53 paintings. Help her create more art.

“I want my artwork to speak to people as they fall deeply in love with Colorado. With simplistic and flat shapes of color, my work is a representation of how your memory perceives a time, or a place. Our memories don’t capture every detail, as a camera would. Instead, we get a warm glow of recognition when we have found a connection to nature and a specific chapter of our past. This interpretation allows our own personal experiences to fill in the gaps visually, and leaves room for our own stories to be told. When people look at my artwork, I enjoy seeing that spark of remembrance; a flood of memories; a desire to rediscover, or go and explore someplace new.

I was inspired by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) National Parks posters from the 1930s, and that’s how this Colorado poster-style series began. Colorado is full of amazing vistas that take our breath away. As an artist, I love to remind people of the beauty we have right in our own backyard and want to capture the essence of falling in love again with this incredible state.”

Julie Leidel is excited to share her art book Paintings: A Vintage Colorado. All the artwork represented in this book was hand–painted between 2009 and 2015 by Julie Leidel. She would like to celebrate these last six years and 53 paintings by sharing the way she sees Colorado with you. Six of her paintings (and the rights to them) are in private collections. These will only be found in this book and won’t be available for sale on her website.

The cover design is a detail of the Mt. Evans from Summit Lake. Do you remember enjoying the temperature difference as you drove to the top on a warm summer day? This painting is meant to engage your other senses by bringing back that rush of cold, crisp mountain air you experience above timber-line.

This collection of her Colorado artwork will be represented in a high-quality, 11.25″ x 8.75″ hardcover art book. Each thick and elegantly textured matte-finished page features a rich, full-color 5×7 print with some details about each painting.


Take part of the collection home and decorate your walls or the office. No wall is created equal, so there are six sizes to choose from. You can get that perfect interior designer look all on your own. Fill your home with Colorado memories, and find that perfect gift for those loved ones who are hard to shop for. Learn more at
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Julie Leidel     Golden, CO
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MISSION: Over a century ago, the Arts & Crafts Movement was beginning. At its center was the principal that the head, heart, and hand work as one. Art should be regarded as the very means for realizing life. Paying homage to this great nostalgic era is what my artwork is all about. I am an Arts & Crafts revival artist. Through research, I look to those that came before me and I create as if I were working alongside them in the guilds and co-operative structures from the early 1900s.
I find a kindship with the ideals and practices of this era, and the social struggles of the industrial revolution in many ways mirror today’s high-tech landscape. The determination to reconnect with craftsmanship, artistic skillset and each other in a fast-moving, need-it-now-world helps us to slow down and reshape our own creativity. This stillness has led me to a wellspring of inspiration.
My artwork is inspired by the rich textures of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the WPA style. The essence of wood, stained glass, mica, and oil rubbed bronze all come together with my acrylic and gouache paintings and with quarter-sawn oak frames created by my husband, Brian Leidel. Using color, shape, and typography to evoke the feeling of yesteryear, I work to creatively translate nature and architecture into fine art for the American home.