A comical story of 4 friends in a research study simulating every possible end of the world. For every end there is an Apocalyptest.

With your help, we can set the world on fire!


and over

and over again!!!

Your donations will help me to fund the painstaking process of animating a cartoon. This pilot episode is just the beginning. I am looking to make an entire series based on this concept. So through creating this pilot, investing in equipment/software, developing our script and storyboard, and of course animating the episode, we will be that much closer to “the end.

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Nicolas Le Sante      Astoria, Queens, NY

Nik Le Sante is a filmmaker & editor working in NYC for various clients in the entertainment industry. His career began at Impossible Casting, where he cast commercial and print projects for companies such as Skype, Converse, Rolling Stone, GQ, Newcastle, One World, L’Oréal, Master Card and many more, as well as some film and television projects. Since then he has freelanced, filming and editing with production companies like Contra Studios, Strand Creative Group, Imaginarium Lab, Le-jit Productions, and other creative groups.
He’s had experience working on national commercials, music videos, documentaries, television pilots, corporate videos, and indie productions. Currently, he writes and produces his own projects which include a comedic self-help web series, an animated dark-comedy, and a few short films. Some of Nik’s personal and client projects are currently in the marketing stage of production, and due to nondisclosure agreements are not available for public viewing. For a complete list of production credits please send a request by email to NikLSFilms@gmail.com