Alfheim is a young adult urban fantasy novel

Many authors, today, finish writing a manuscript and have it uploaded to Amazon or Barnes and Noble within hours of typing “the end”. They often ignore the intensive amount of work that is necessary to ensure their creation will rise above the level of obscurity.

Publishing a novel takes time and planning to pave the way for its arrival in a world that sees as many as 1,000,000 books published each year. Competition for readership is fierce. Producing an Advance Reader’s copy of a novel is a necessary tool to help position a book for successful release. These copies are circulated among established authors in the novel’s genre in hopes of receiving commentary on the quality of the work in the form of a “blurb”. These are used to attract potential buyers as they read them on the back cover of the book. Other copies are sent to various reviewers and book clubs to stir up interest in the published version to follow.
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I’m a writer. I love everything to do with the writing world, the publishing world, and books. I’ve written two novels (so far), some short stories, and I maintain two blogs which you can find links to here. In pursuit of mastering the craft of fiction, I earned an MFA and enjoyed the greatest process of my life – that of joining the community of talented and creative people who spend a good part of their lives listening to the voices inside their heads. I live on Long Island with my love, Nancy, my two boys Alex and Ian, and two very special Old English Sheepdogs by the names of Harry and Nanabelle. In addition to writing, I am also a freelance book doctor and editor, and teach a course on writing the novel.