007- Reborn


007-Reborn the Album True Hip Hop Fans have waited for ! that OLD SCHOOL sound we Love.” Crusin Down The Street” is just the beginning!

Hello and thank you for your interest in my project . I am a struggling musician by definition . I have always loved music and performing . Entertaining others is the greatest joy. I have pursued a career in music my entire life without the desired success. I’ve tried everything from knocking on the doors of the most prestigious Record labels , pounding the streets pavement in search of gigs and promotion to marketing companies that promise results . The long and short of it is I realized if it’s ever going to happen I have to do it ALL MYSELF!

I founded VIP Local Inc. In 2012 a independent record Label incorporated . Saved every penny I touched and purchased the high quality professional recording equipment necessary to produce all of the music entirely myself and studied the music industry success’s to achieve my own . The end result will be a phenomenal Album with more to follow that will take people back in time to when Hip Hop and Rap was really music . Not to take away from the industry stars of today but.. They just don’t do it like they used to . If you want to hear OLD SCHOOL MUSIC with a modern edge to it .

This project is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The first album “007 – Reborn” will be considered as the rebirth of Hip Hop ! All songs have been written already and tracks have been produced . But without funding for marketing it is likely this masterpiece will never reach the masses. I need your help to bring this project up to scale and shower the world with FUNK! Thanks again & God Bless.

Risks and challenges

I am confident there will be no obstacles that VIP Local Inc . Can not overcome once the funding goal has been reached. Completion of the project by deadline will be met without fail. All marketing resources will be paid as well as Directors , affiliates, campaigned managers etc. manufacturing of the final product will commence and be completed by Disc Makers Inc. And distribution will follow worldwide , distributed by Tunecore. With your help this masterpiece will become a phenomenon in music and the world will have an alternative in Hip Hop to what’s currently on our radio. Help make this happen today ! Thank you sincerely and God Bless.
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Larry Hoggard     Canyon Lake, CA
The Artist/Producer 007 aka Chef Deazy was born in Gardena CA. And raised in Los Angeles Country . With many live shows and performances to his credit . He is a seasoned musician . He founded VIP Local Inc Records in 2012 and is a BMI affiliate . His personal motto is : ” Music is creative expression that provokes energy and emotion , good music is as much passion as it is talent”.